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A lot of actitivities occur between your ears..too much. You like to refer to these chemical exchanges as thinking. But is it? …Well the truth is we dont know. There are lot of “things” happening which we are not conciously aware of but let us breathe, walk across the road easily. Would you call this thinking? Much of what we do are automatic responses to situations that we have come across previously….

Parents and teachers would be crossed with us for not thinking. Very often what they mean is that we do no do what they want us to do. Do parents teach their children to think? Do you? Do teachers teach children to think? Or do they teach the children to respond in a predetermined manner to the questions they posed?

If all the activities remain inside our heads there would be no problem. But inevitably what goes on inside our heads gets translated into “actions” that affect others and the environment. It becomes understandable why we are always demanding people to “think”. Thinking is important because of the things that we might or ¬†might not do.

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Introduction To Thinking

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