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Those Days Are Gone…

People in power do not want information to flow freely. They want control. When they misbehave they don’t want people to know. In today’s world this is almost impossible.

In the past whenever the authorities are losing the argument, they will go into suppression mode.  They will hope to silence the masses by bribery, threats, screaming blasphemy and finally force, imprisonment and even death.

Unfortunately those days, as John Lennon says, are gone! The change has come through technology. The power is in the hands of the citizens. There are whole communities of citizen who are in the know. Worse they are connected. The real bad news is that they are all over and everywhere!

The way to fight these days is not to suppress or force. The authorities have to get their acts together. If you are good and honest, carry out your duties for the good of the people and according to agreed laws or rules or standard operating procedures in an open and transparent manner, no one can tell lies about you.

I have been listening to the hysteria created by some people about the red bean army. It seemed that some “troopers” are telling lies about everybody in the government.  They are so good and so powerful. No facts are given but Bernama, the national news agency is allowing people to make the claim that the Democratic Action Party is financing these troopers to the tune of hundreds of millions of ringgit.

These people are also asking the government to pay them MR350 million to counter the Red Bean Army. On Bernama TV this army is being compared to the “Red” Army! Communists! And the Communist had killed no less than 10,000 people during the “Communist Insurgency” So there you are!

Most unfortunate for  Bernama the police have come out to announce that they have not been able to find the Red Bean Army! The Police should contact Bernama.

The truth will be known soon. Bernama and a few Ministers and politicians will have to find some place to hide.

The way to engage these days is to tell the truth. Or you will be found out!

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New Prime Minister for Our Beloved Malaysia

There are many unresolved issues surrounding our new PM Dato Nazib b Razak. For the moment for better or worse he is our PM. We need him to do the right thing. In these times of crisis how he handles the economy and the political situation will determine how this country will move forward. Is it going to be more repressive with the voice of the majority Malays to be louder and  more important than others? Or is it going to be a situation where everybody’s voice will be heard and everybody’s interest will be taken care of?

There are many in UMNO who are loudly trying to claim that the Malays have more rights than anyone else. They are also seeking to rewrite history with a twist – that all important dvelopments in this country had been carried out by only the Malays. This is a repeat of those who are claiming that the Malays do not need any other race in this country. 

How the PM handles this will decisive for the future of our country.

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