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The Ministry of Education Malaysia works on the assumption that intelligence is limited to a few students who passed the “examinations” especially the Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah scoring all “A”s in the subjects. The know what it is and they are very sure they have the right technique to identify this quality.

The MOE collects all these clever children placed them in special schools like MRSM, Sekolah Asrama Penuh, Premier Schools, Controlled schools etc. Every year when the public examination results for Form 5 students are announced, inevitably the best performing students and the best performing schools are these pre-selected students and special schools.

Apparently they are right. They know and the UPSR examinations truly separates the clever from the stupid students. So convinced are they that they are going 1 step further by creating 40 High Performing Schools, 20 primary and 20 secondary schools. All the best of the best will be closeted in these schools. They will also identify and send all the best teachers and super principals and headmasters to take charge of these schools.

The public has also bought into this idea. They are now clamouring for more of these schools to be set up so that more children can be sent there. Looks like the support for this is overwhelming! Indeed we should not be surprised as most of our top officials and administrators are products of this type of schools.

But wait, something is wrong. Very wrong!

Question, Why does the MOE want to confine these students to special schools? If clever children have to be confined to special schools, are they the same as those that we confine to special places like Tanjung Rambutan or Pulau Jerejak of old? What is wrong with these children that they have to be confined to special environment?

One possible answer is that “intelligence” is very delicate. It evaporates, disintegrates or vaporizes when it is open to normal school environment. Perhaps if “intelligent” children stay in the same house as their parents, they will likely lose their special quality?

Or maybe it is because of the “other” students? The Stupid ones? When intelligence is juxtaposed with stupidity, intelligence will lose. Stupidity will permeate the brains of the intelligent children causing them to become stupid? Stupidity has nothing to worry. It will remain strong and dependable. Stupid will be stupid, always! Is that the reason why these “special schools” are created?


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