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How to Measure Crime Rates

I have been following the discussions in the newspapers about the apparent rise in crime rates in Malaysia. I checked Wikipedia and understand that one common way of calculating crime rates is to total up the number of “crimes” committed for every 100,000 of population. Lets say that the total “crimes” committed is equal to 1000 for every 100,000 for a year. The crime rate is therefore 1% per year. Apparently there could be some anomalies as some would think that we should only count those which have been convicted as opposed to counting those that are reported. And then most people would argue that the number of crimes are realistically much higher as not ALL crimes are reported. SO the crime rate is realistically much higher.

I suppose what is important that if we want to compare we need to be consistent. Assuming that we count crimes reported (I suppose this is the simplest given how the police in Malaysia are fully computerized) from year to year. We can then easily note the changes form year to year. Of course we can count all the 3 categories that we have mentioned and make comparisons. This can be quite interesting. Perhaps if we want to just measure crime rates in 1 country then we just focus on the figures year on year and make the comparisons.

If we want to compare between countries then we collect data for all the categories and make comparisons.

So far I have not seen the Royal Malaysian Police clarifying what actually they have been doing. Can the IGP enlighten us? How about the Home Minister?

Perhaps the shopping malls and other public places can be ordered to keep data on the robberies, snatch, theft, murder, or rapes that happen on their premises against the number of visitors to their mall. We can then compare which mall is safer…

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New Prime Minister for Our Beloved Malaysia

There are many unresolved issues surrounding our new PM Dato Nazib b Razak. For the moment for better or worse he is our PM. We need him to do the right thing. In these times of crisis how he handles the economy and the political situation will determine how this country will move forward. Is it going to be more repressive with the voice of the majority Malays to be louder and ¬†more important than others? Or is it going to be a situation where everybody’s voice will be heard and everybody’s interest will be taken care of?

There are many in UMNO who are loudly trying to claim that the Malays have more rights than anyone else. They are also seeking to rewrite history with a twist Рthat all important dvelopments in this country had been carried out by only the Malays. This is a repeat of those who are claiming that the Malays do not need any other race in this country. 

How the PM handles this will decisive for the future of our country.

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Thinking in Progress

SO, what do you make of the Malaysian government’s arbitrary arrest of a blogger, an opposition politician and a newspaper reporter?

a.The PM want to show how tough he is

b.UMNO want to stamp its “supremacy” in the country

c.The Malays are on the verge of running amok

d.The PM wants to prevent the Pakatan Rakyat from taking over the country

e.The PM wants to save himself from being voted out of office by his own party

f.Our country has 1 too many blogger, politician and journalist

g.The PM wants to make everybody happy

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