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Verbal Assault v Physical Assault

Everyday teachers in school “scold”, admonish, verbally assault students for doing something “wrong”. They do this openly in front of all the students. While the students cringe and keep a brave face the turmoil going on inside and its long term effect is not studied or appreciated. And so caning is not ok but public hiding is ok!

Sometimes we hear of teachers being physically attacked by students. I suspect that if we were to study the background, you will find that somewhere leading to that event, the teacher would have scolded, insulted the student to cause him/her to lose face among his/her peers. Teachers very often do not appreciate the dynamics in the inter-relationships among the students. A person who considers himself a leader among his friends or is respected by the other students finds himself at the end of a teacher tongue -lashing. How will he respond?

Let me pose a question to all teachers. What would you do if your headmaster were to “scold”, insult you in front of all your colleagues? In situations where you are close enough and angry enough would you not strike out at your headmaster? In such cases it is always the HM who is at fault.

The teacher insults the students daily! Yes. We all can go sit outside a classroom. When the student respond the student is wrong, the student is naughty, children today are gangsters etc.

Just think about this for a while…calling all teachers please.

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Caning for School Kids in Malaysia

Big issue. Corporal punishment is big time in Malaysian schools. Children are regularly caned by teachers everyday. I have done a quick survey among parents, school children and teachers. The result? Yes for caning! But with conditions. When told Malaysian school system has regulations for caning…oh then please proceed to cane. Scars on the children’s psyche? Hardly. Most people interviewed had been caned by teachers, know of friends who had been caned. SO far they have not come across anyone who has exhibited any scar. On the contrary most believed that the caning had saved many children from being too bold and taking that one extra step accross the line for fear of being caned! They want to know from anti-caners – where are the cases of people who had “suffered” serious trauma after being caned by the teacher? They claimed that that they know of cases where people would have gone “bad” if they had not been caned. Well..well…

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