Thinking and Education


Continuous Education

Health and Backwardness

One factor contributing to lower educational achievement among Malay children compared to Chinese children is poorer health of the children. Reports by schools about absenteeism in schools tend to high light greater incidence among children in “Kebangsaan Schools”.

Malay culture of eating by use of the hand is compounded by the fact that they generally sit on the floor. Both create the environment for bacteria and micro-organisms to infect the food. Most reports of food poisoning occur mostly in “kebangsaan” schools.

This will lead to higher absenteeism and lack of vitality and alertness. Both contribute to reduction in learning time and deficiency in attentive power resulting in less learning and poor retention.

Living in proximity with a higher number of siblings in expanded households will inevitably lead to more interaction and therefore more opportunity for spread of infections.

A simple first step to improve educational achievement among Malay children is to get all teachers in school to introduce a health regime for the children in the school and the home. This can be achieved at zero costs.

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