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Teacher to Head Teacher

All Head Teachers start as teachers. As teachers they have a natural tendency to be wary of their HM. This is a given.

Most teachers put their heads down and do what others do. They tend to support their friends and colleagues even when they know that their friends are wrong because they expect their friends to do the same for them. Anyone who support the HM is not looked upon favorably by the staff.

So when the teacher is promoted to become a Headmaster he/she will tend to think like a teacher. They will not think like an educational administrator. Herein lies the problem.

In all instances the newly promoted teacher/headmaster will be posted to another school. The change in location will help the teacher/headmaster to start acting like a Head Teacher.

It is likely that the new Headmasters will be assembled by the Education Department and for an orientation program. Everything is then learn as you go along.

Now, how to be a Headmaster?

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