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Malaysia – Education Reformation 2.0

Once again, another round of “reformation” of another part of our educational system.

10 new strategies for producing excellence in higher education? A load of words. Make no impression on me at all. You think the people in the ivory towers would read, understand and implement all the 10 baskets of words?

I think there is a better chance of success for transforming our education system, the civil service and everything else if we just keep things simple. Lets whittle it down to four.

First item – Honesty.

Be totally HONEST! If there is something wrong, don’t blame others. If someone is responsible name that someone! We cannot allow wrong doers to hide away. If a group of people, a department is at fault, cast a spotlight on the whole group. The leader must put up his hand. Tell everybody what went wrong. Punish the negligent, retrain the inefficient and get rid of the lazy or useless ones. If need be the chief must be replaced!

Only by doing this can we get everybody to wake up.

Second item – No Religion at Work

This is a sensitive topic. Intentions and objectives are good but more often religious practices have interfered in negative ways in our working environment. Prayers have become compulsory for all. Unscrupulous people and charlatans have always found refuge in religion. Success and achievements in work and life is the result of hard work and continuous application. There is a person or persons who is/are responsible. Don’t blame God!

Third item – Meritocracy

Only qualified people should hold the position. The best must be put in place. It is not cruel. It is good. Save lives. Nurses, doctors, medical personnel..or those who think that 1 drop is 10 milligrams will kill you at best or make you suffer for the rest of your life. Roofs will stay intact. Machines will be properly calibrated, people will not be paid twice for doing nothing,  I can go on. Really people are not stupid. They will live up to your expectations. Expect the best, you get the best. Expect to fail people will help you fail. So no more concessions.

Fourth item – Master the Language of Knowledge – English

Anyone who says the Language of Knowledge is Arabic, is a fool. It is not Mandarin. It is not Malay. Not Tamil, Telegu or Malayalam. Just be honest. English. We started on the same English-level as Singapore. The chauvinists in Singapore was cut down to size by the no nonsense PM. The language of 90% of the people, the root of their culture, of their identity…Mandarin …was contained. English or perish! Pragmatism won.

Unfortunately we in Malaysia, succumbed to the threats of the chauvinists. The chauvinists have labelled the Malays as incapable of learning English. No need pass. Communication only okay lah. A few words, some gestures and head shaking became the English for us. But its ok, they have a natural affinity for Arabic! What an irony. And the result has been disastrous. If anything, this must be rectified immediately.

Fast Forward These 4 Steps

Don’t waste time. Just carry out the 4 measures now. You will see results in a month.

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