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Who Do You Want to be Your Friend?

Some people, no quite a large number of people want to mix only with people like themselves. Since the majority of people in Malaysia are Malays, and there are quite a number of individuals and NGOs are quite outspoken about this matter, we will focus this question to the Malays.

It would appear that these people would rather have Malays only in the country. Preferably they also want Malays who follow a specific school of Islam. Just imagine this situation. This country is a country for only Malays. We have succeeded in getting rid of, or making all others disappear. Try to imagine this.
Is this what people like Ibrahim Ali want? You can forget about Ridhuan Tee because he is Chinese only but not Malay.

Just close your eyes and imagine. When you wake up in the morning. The toothpaste and the soap you use. When our children go to school, imagine the school system. What would they be teaching? How would they be teaching? How would they be teaching.

What would working in the government offices be like? What about the streets and the shops? All Arabic signs, or all Jawi only? What language would you hear in public. What phrases most often spoken?
What about the shops?

What about the shops or the supermarkets? Are there different doors or alleyways for males and females?What would they be selling? Look around, how would the people dress? All tudungs and baju kurung? Shorts allowed? Are there cinemas? Any concerts? What about football? Badminton or squash?

And then when you go home. Would you be watching tv? What programs would be showing? Would all the males be in the mosque?

It would be wonderful?

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