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“Fairness” in the Olympics

In Boxing, Wrestling, Weight Lifting and Taekwondo the

athletes are graded according to weight categories. Obviously

it is not possible for the heavy weight gorilla to fight the pint-sized

light weight in any of these categories. It can be seen to be

grossly unfair. There would be no contest.

A Case could be made for ALL events to be competed according to

weight and height categories. Perhaps that would not be expedient.


But an immediate case can be made for High Jump. The event

is now judged according to height “above ground level”.

The winner is a Russian who is 6 feet 4 inches (193.04 cm) tall.

He jumped 3.38 meters. Ivan Ukhov best was 2.40 m. This is a  touch over 7 feet 10 inches or about 16 inches above his head.

I am very doubtful that any Ah Beng at 5 feet can clear 7 feet.Getting Ah Beng to compete with Ukhov is similar to a light weight fighting a heavyweight in Boxing, Wrestling or Taekwondo!

The correct and proper measure is Height Above the Head of the jumper and not “above the ground”.

This should and can be implemented. If this cannot be done, then the High Jump Records should be renamed as Height Above Ground Level!

I suppose the IOC would not be implementing this till some country produces a giant at 9 feet who just hops over 8 feet 6 inches!

Hm…imteresting huh?


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