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Imagine a school where there is no corporal punishment. You can do whatever you like and all you will get is a lecture ending with “please don’t do it again!” All anti-caners would like that I suppose.

Imagine your son being beaten up by a bully in school. Yes, all the anti-caners should just imagine this. Your son comes back and you take him to the hospital for a check-up. Ok, not too bad, just bruises. Your son tells you that the big boy who beat him was stopped by the teacher, sent to the HM’s office and came out with a warning not to do it again! You do a bit of checking and discovered that the bbb – big-bad-boy – had been warned by the HM before. So now what do you do?

Or worse, imagine your daughter being groped by a boy in class. The teacher scolded him, he winked at the teacher. Your daughter came home crying. OK all the anti-caners out there….please tell what to do?

Of course if your boy is doing the hitting and the groping you would want him to be treated humanely. He needs special attention. He needs understanding teachers. And he has protective parents who will defend his rights as a human being!

Perhaps we can start debating now? 

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