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To be Champions…Secret Revealed!

Most coaches and players proclaim that they will do their very best. They will put their true potential on the day or when the time comes. Cometh the hour cometh the man!

When IT does not happen… the man did not run up at the due time and the battle is lost! Then what is the reason?

Realistically speaking if your skill level and physical conditioning is superior and you have experience in competition at a high level, then the chances of your winning a match will be a foregone conclusion if your opponent has less of the 3 ingredients mentioned.
Assuming that both are equally balanced then the chances of who will win is strictly speaking dependent on luck. Yes luck!
But if it so happens that a competitor wins more than 50% of an equally balanced situation then we must be looking at that ingredient called the “champion dna”. The particular quality that makes someone produce that special shot at the pivotal moment in a match.
This may show itself once, say like the case of Hafiz Hashim when he won the All England.

In the language of normal coaches he has not rediscovered that “touch” or “form”!

looked at another way it is like he was in a “dream” when he won. But now that he has woken up..well he is the one-time wonder!

SO what is happening here?

to be cntd

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