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Malaysia Day 16th September 1963

Malaysia Day falls on 16th September 1963 when all the states that were under the British in South East Asia (Except Brunei)came together to form Malaysia. Unfortunately a year later Singapore left Malaysia to go it alone.
The Malay Peninsula had got independence from the British in 1957. The party running the country from 1957 till today has morphed from the Alliance and to a wider coalition called the Barisan National, has continued to focus on August 31 as the National Day instead of 16th September.
This is a sore point with people in Sabah and Sarawak, the Borneo States. They pointed out that 31 August 1957 was independence day for the Malay States on the Malay Peninsula. It is definitely not the National Day as far as they are concerned. Many in the Peninsula are also wondering the same. The question is why is the Barisan Nasional government not keen to acknowledge such an obvious fact?
The answer to this question has now become much clearer as the dominant partner of the Barisan Nasional that is the United Malays National Party(UMNO) has become progressively assertive in driving the Malay agenda!
After the loss of the Malay heartland and 5 states to the lose coalition of parties Pakatan Rakyat led by one-time UMNO leader Anwar Ibrahim in the last election, the proponents of the Malay Agenda has bared its fangs.
Now it has become obvious to many that the reason why the government is not wanting to celebrate the true Malaysia Day on the 16th is because from that day on the Malay peninsula is just a part of Malaysia and the Malays are just one group of people to be found in Malaysia. The Malay Agenda would be lost because there is no more Tanah Melayu and there are other indigenous people of the country who has been here longer and who are much more deprived and who deserve to be first on the receiving end of the affirmative policies of the government. As it is we are witnessing the continued marginalization of the native peoples in the Borneo States where some of the local leaders have teamed up with people from the Malay Peninsula to develop their lands. Some might recall the robber barons of another continent.
It is by clinging to 31st August that can allow UMNO to cling on to its Malay Agenda.
Lets celebrate Malaysia Day!

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