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So Who Is First?

Seems like being first means having the right to claim everything! I am the first born in my family so I have the right to claim everything that my father owns! My 5 sisters and 1 brother? Just too bad! I am the boss! My brother he is just a trouble maker! He goes to study in America, refused to return and quarreled by telephone, letters and emails with all of us. Now he is back. He is also son of my father and he is saying that he has equal rights to claim my father’s property! But he did nothing! All he did was spend, spend, spend. Whereas I was my father’s right hand. Everything the old man wanted done was done by me. Of course the eldest sister did help. The rest was too small to do anything! So it was me and me and my father.

But now things have gotten worse! The 5 girls are also claiming equal rights! And the cheek of the 3rd sister!! She was adopted when she was a baby! There is a campaign going on. They are all boycotting the family home! My poor mother has been crying because the children are not coming to the family home for the usual weekly dinner. She misses the grand children. I suspect all my 4 brothers-in-law and the fiance of the last sister are all involved in this diabolical plot. They want to force my father to change the will! Everybody to be treated equally and fairly! They are willing to sacrifice the family!

So what am I to do?

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PPSMI – Reversion

We shout “Malaysia Boleh” meaning Malaysia Can! Of course we can go to the moon riding as a passenger on someone else’s bus! But we cant even learn English! When things are a little rough we take an about turn! I thought we were going to developed status riding on the horns of maths and science! Is there a way to become great by not making sacrifices and burning the midnight oil? Or shall we set our target slightly higher than Afghanistan and thump our chests on our great achievements? Is that the type of environment you want your children to grow up in. It is easier if make our house of wood because we have a lot of wood. Why make stone or brick houses? Look around you. And ask why? Maybe it is better if we wear bark and leaves, it is easier than making cotton or silk. So lets all learn Malay. Arab? Chinese? English? French? All foreign tongues. We might lose our identity. We might be loyal no more.

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