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The Brain and Language Learning

The technology is here! We can now find out which parts of our brain is “turned on” when we think of something, do something or even imagine doing something. 

Magnetic Resonance Imaging machines can take a picture of the brain. We should be able to see which part of the brain is switched on when we learn a language, do mathematics, kick a ball or have a drink of water.

Our experts in the universities should get to work on this.

Seems like a lot of emotions, prejudice and pride is always bubbling to the top in any discussion on language. People are carried away. Decisions are made that maybe detrimental to the real development of our people. In the absence of acceptable evidence people tend to flow with their feelings! If there are incontrovertible facts that can be shown then the correct decisions will be clear.

The whole academic community must weigh in on this. Make all your before and after studies on as many samples as you can and make sure that the methodology is properly spelled out. But for our future’s sake get the MRI machines to work!

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The Big Language March

In Malaysia we take our learning seriously! 

We undertand that on the 1st of April there will be a march to parliament to hand over a memorandum to the new PM by no less than 43 people representing all the “races” in Malaysia. They all want learning of Mathematics and Science to be carried out in their own languages. We managed to interview Andal Anak Kabul from Sarawak. 

“Learning science is already difficult for us pribumis in Sarawak! And then we have to learn English too!” Raising his voice, he says, “We are hit with a double whammy! Surely our chance to fail is double.” Why the double whammy? “Cant you see? We were having difficulty learning Science and Maths in Malay! Then we were asked to switch to English! Let us learn in our own language!”

The above sums up the general sentiment of the group. Are they afraid of the water canons? They think the police will not do anything because they are going to march in single file each carrying a flag with the name of the language, starting with Malay, Javanese, Mandarin, Thai, Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam, Hindi, Kadazan, Murut, Dayak……

Learning of anything should begin with the mother tongue! Let a new chapter begin with our new PM!

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