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National Integration – Blame Yourself!

Politicians are in the habit of blaming others for their own doings. So the racial polarization and lack of integration among the races in Malaysia is due to the different types of schools in Malaysia!

If that is the about this…? Lack of integration is caused by different religions, different languages, different foods, different cultures…? SO lets go make it all one eh?

Funny how these politco types dont get it…the reason why we are not integrated is because of the existence of Race-based political parties like UMNO for the Malays, MCA for the Chinese, MIC for the Indians, etc. These are parties born more than 50 years ago with a mindset and a world setting that is totally out of sync with the current situation. These parties encourage divisiveness among the people, sow fear among them, create enmity and anger whenever it suits them and prevent people from coming together by focusing on the trivial things.

Lets ban all these political parties, pass a law, a fatwa against racial discrimination, racial talking and posturing. Lets see what happens then?

Out with racial political parties!!

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Knowledge Now!!

People who can drive change in Malaysia are teachers. There is plenty that you can do. Start with opening the eyes of the people with knowledge that is abundant and all around us. Teach the children under your care how to learn!

Get the children to be internet savvy. Show them the wealth of knowledge that is circling them. Show them how to tap into this. Get them to engage.

It is unfortunate that a large proportion of our teachers are still not literate in IT. They have not embraced IT. The MOE should include computer literacy in training and include it in tests for confirmation or promotions in service. Those who dont get through this component should not be qualified to teach or suitable for promotions. This will ensure that all will learn.

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Why Few Students in Sin Min Pvt in Sungai Petani?

Sin Min Pvt School in Sungai Petani has problems recruiting students. Most Chinese parents prefer to send their children to SMJK Sin Min.  The enrolment of the school hovers around 200 students for the past 20 years or so. Why?

At one time back in the 60s and 70s most of the Chinese parents chose to send their children to SMK Ibrahim, SMKhir Johari, SMK St Theresa, Convent, Batu Dua etc rather than SMJK Sin Min.

Why the change of heart?

What happened to the national schools and what happened to SMJK Sin Min? Is it race and religion or is it plain pragmatism on the part of the parents?

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