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You Better Pay Attention!

And that was a threat from the History teacher. “I will explain it to you one more you better listen carefully!” It is funny how the teacher always believe that the problem with pupils is that they dont “listen” carefully!

If the first time the student don’t understand, explaining a second or third time might produce the same result. If you do the same thing, dont expect a different result! Perhaps the student is deaf or partially deaf and telling it another time wont help. 

We now understand better and teachers should appreciate this: some people can use their ears to learn, some learn better when you can show, demonstrate so that they can see with their eyes, and some others will only “get it” when they have a chance to “do something” with whatever you are saying. 

Teachers should prepare lessons so that different types of learners are catered for. Maybe its best if every teacher should imagine that the class in front of her is deaf. If you find yourself teaching during the last period of the morning when the afternoon pupils are coming to school, the noise will make it hard to teach. So try teaching without relying on the students’ ears. Can you? Or what do teachers normaly do in such a situation?

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Thinking in Progress

SO, what do you make of the Malaysian government’s arbitrary arrest of a blogger, an opposition politician and a newspaper reporter?

a.The PM want to show how tough he is

b.UMNO want to stamp its “supremacy” in the country

c.The Malays are on the verge of running amok

d.The PM wants to prevent the Pakatan Rakyat from taking over the country

e.The PM wants to save himself from being voted out of office by his own party

f.Our country has 1 too many blogger, politician and journalist

g.The PM wants to make everybody happy

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Building Better Brains

We are stuck with the stuff we are borne with. But can we do something to make what we have work better? We have always taken what we have for granted, never thought much about it. And therefore did not do anything about it. So can we do something to make our brains better? Well, there are 2 things you can do to start making yourself a better brain.

Here goes:

1.Take care of what you eat and drink. Well if you have children or grand children then you better watch what you feed them. Now that you are grown up you can take some action. There are all kinds of beliefs some stranger than the bird’s nest and camel urine. But there are clear differences between people who only eat meat and those who eat vegetables only. Claims made on behalf of proteins, vitamins and herbs should be checked out.

2.Scientist tells us that brain activities are spurred by minute amounts of chemicals and electrical charges. This happens all the time. But if we do the same old things, in the same old way, with the same old people …will our brains get better? We can only get better of we are doing something new, learning something new all the time. In case you are worried that your brains will be overloaded with facts like I used to think…well dont worry. There are more than 100,000,000,000 cells in your head. So go out there, make new friends – look for some foreign types, learn a new language, learn a new skill or just take a new way to work!

Do this for a month, keep some records. Tell me if your brain has improved,

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Clouds in Your Brain

A lot of actitivities occur between your ears..too much. You like to refer to these chemical exchanges as thinking. But is it? …Well the truth is we dont know. There are lot of “things” happening which we are not conciously aware of but let us breathe, walk across the road easily. Would you call this thinking? Much of what we do are automatic responses to situations that we have come across previously….

Parents and teachers would be crossed with us for not thinking. Very often what they mean is that we do no do what they want us to do. Do parents teach their children to think? Do you? Do teachers teach children to think? Or do they teach the children to respond in a predetermined manner to the questions they posed?

If all the activities remain inside our heads there would be no problem. But inevitably what goes on inside our heads gets translated into “actions” that affect others and the environment. It becomes understandable why we are always demanding people to “think”. Thinking is important because of the things that we might or  might not do.

Check this out.

Introduction To Thinking

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