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A lot of things happen in our head all of the time, even when we are asleep. Are we ‘thinking”? We can say that most of the happenings are unknown to us. But whenever we are stimulated by some outside source we respond by saying something, doing something/doing nothing, feeling something etc. WHich of the things we do constitute thinking?

Are you sure you are thinking at all?

Most of the time I would say not! We are just responding as we had been taught/programmed to respond. Or we respond in ways that are not unexpected. Parents, elders and politcians will say that we are thinking when we vote or agree with them! Teachers will say we are thinking when we give the “correct” answer. The moment you dont vote for them or you give a wrong answer,,they will accuse you of not thinking!

And then there are those who say that we are thinking when we are faced with a choice. Buy this or that, take this or the other courses, support this cause or that, take up this job or that or marry this person or that. “That” being all the other alternatives that we are aware of. Unfortunately the limitation of our awareness is the problem.

So are you thinking?

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The Black-Shirt March – UITM

More than 3000 students of UiTM marched to protest the Selangor MB’s proposal to open up 10% of its places to non-malays and foreigners! They all wore black shirts. They claim they were not racists. They were only fighters to protect the special position of the Malays in this country.

Apparently there are 120,000 students enrolled in all the various branches of the UiTM instituition of higher learning all over the country. Funny I did not know that that ALL were Malays!

I imagine that the enrolment has been increasing all the time.  And it will continue to increase. The financing of these institutions is done by the government.

I am just wondering if an institution is financed by public money, dont people have the right to question, or make proposals and suggestions regarding the composition, operations and policies of the publicly funded entity?

And wearing black-shirts? Why black-shirt? Is it a sign?

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What is the Difference?

There is so much racism in our country. Is there any difference between a person who is born Malay than those who are Chinese or Indians? It is funny how someone who of mixed ethnicity keeps on denying the other than Malay portion of himself/herself. And then we have recent immigrants from neighbouring countries claiming to be bumiputra! That is taking the cake or shall I say for taking the cake?

Anyone who has attended 6 years school will know that regardless of what we may look like we are composed of the same material, namely carbon dioxide, hydrogen, oxygen and some ordinary metal.

DO we not know that the we are all part of the same? You breathe in, I breath out..we are becoming part of one another. The basic raw material may migrate from humans to plants and vice versa. It will float and fly anywhere and everywhere. It maybe temproarily trapped in an animal, or a human or a plant for a short while. AFter that it is released and goes floating in the air and soon becomes absorbed into another living system. We are becoming and unbecoming each other!

Well science teachers, you have an important role to play. Perhaps you never did realize this. Tell the you speak to them you are becoming part of them and they part of you.

We are all the same.

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