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Sell Our Forest To Preserve It !

Last few days have been very disturbing because the Kedah Gov is proposing to sell our forest to the loggers to raise much needed revenue for development. I have since written 3 letters directly to the CHief Minister of Kedah. Please dont cut down our forest was my plea. Apparently he was adamant over the press. Suppose he has not seen my letters.

So today I am appealing to all who are reading this..can you please drop a line to our Chief Minister … …save our forset please!

I propose the state sell the forest..if I am not mistaken about 1,000,000,000 hectares..but not to the loggers! Sell it to all the people who love the environment. The costs exoected is about RM10,000 per hectare. We can cut and chop to make titles for 1 square meter to 888 square meters or in whatever proportion to sell to all and sundry. The title could be ceded in perpetuity. The govt can set conditions and terms that will protect the owners interests which isĀ  mainly to preserve the forests in its virgin condition.

I can imagine the owners will want to come and look at their property now and again. They will be eseentially onwer-tourists. They can bring their friends and we would have annually returning tourists.

All genuine lovers of the environment locally and also world wide will have a chance to show a real commitment and not just talk. Put your meony down to save the evironment. Any small amount will qualify.

Common..lets try something new…..

Help save our forests, preserve the environment.

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