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Its time to face the truth.

Most of our school administrators are not fit to be heads of modern schools! Why?

Their basic qualifications are all wrong.

Most of our heads are graduates with basic degrees in Malay Studies, Arabic Studies and Religious Studies. I dont have the figures to back up. But my small survey shows that out of 20 secondary schools in the SUngai Petani area 12 have these backgrounds. What happens as a consequent is that the moment they take over a school their first reflex action is to do something to announce their arrival. Nobody will criricise even if it is silly as long as it is relgiously inclined. Thus painting over some religious symbols, making a surau, giving more prominence to prayers or prayer sessions, questions of dress or enforcement of dress codes and similar exercises are common. There are always some fanatics in the school corridors who will come out of the woodwork and give their support. Thus HM becomes engrossed with forms and appearances.

The more pernicious aspect of this is that school children and parents will become overly sensitized. Non-Muslim school children, teachers and parents will find themselves left out, marginalised. The worse is nothing can be said that will not be construed as anti religion or anti-national or anti Malay!

What about introducing some measures to improve teaching or learning? WHat about some new training modules for teachers? In fact it is difficult to find any attention on professional matters related to education. What is a normal sports day has suddenly become an event to show our religious identity. No attention is paid to improvement of skills and the necessity of proper training and discipline to achieve targets. Technical issues connected to equipments, measurements and the venues are not important. Instead overdue emphasis is made to schedules so that it does not clash with prayer time(s), dress codes that will reflect our religion – sports day is a day to promote the message of the religion. The speeches made have the m ost cursory reference to sports or competition.

There is no more fun in school for the children. Pretending that you are having a good time on sports day!  

How do you get the children to get better results. Well making sure that they all attend tution is one. But what is sad and really, really is far out is the organizing of prayer sessions – calling to God for help to do well! This sends out a totally wrong message to all. This gives everybody a chance not to do well. God’s will! What to do?

SO what do you want to do?


Can the Pengarah cut out the crap?

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