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World Class School – Step 2 – Cleanliness

Keeping Clean

This simple act starts from the individual student, teachers and everyone in the school. Personal cleanliness requires good discipline and control over self. We have to acquire some very good habits in the process.

The whole school environment – classrooms, laboratories, walkways, canteen, toilets etc – has to be clean. If personal cleanliness is maintained then the rest is easy. As noted it is a matter of promoting good habits.

 Teachers and school authorities should reinforce drawing from cultural values and practices.

We can then expect that everyone in school will have to work such that the whole environment is being looked after.

Step 1 – Punctuality and Step 2 – Cleanliness when combined will result in a systematic and organized way of working. This will produce the results aimed for.

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World Class School – Step by Step

Nobody knows for sure or it depends on one’s standards. Perhaps the best is to be very practical. I shall put up what I think are the practical steps that can be taken by school to move along this road to being world class. Just put aside your sceptism for a while….. today we start with…

The first step towards a world class school is


Everything on time. This is for all. Students, teachers, administrators andother staff. For this to happen everything that is to be done need to be defined and given a time for its performance. In order for all things to be done on time the teachers and students need to be very organized. Systematic is the watchword. Thus coming to school on time, starting class on time, setting exercises as planned, passing up exercise books on time, teachers marking books on time etc. If a teacher, administrator or student is in breach, standard procedures must kick-in to get the “guilty” party to identify what are the causes of non-complicance.

I believe this is the easiest step. From the day the school open for “business” punctuality should not be compromised. First step to being world class!

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