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Disciplinary Cases in Schools – Correct Data?

The Berita Harian, Malaysia’s leading Malay language newspaper reported that the Deputy Miinister of Education announced that according to data in his possession the disciplinary situation has improved by 11.some thing per cent. The figures for the first 6 months of this year counting students/pupils’ wrong doings from being late to not wearing uniform and others was 59,000 cases. In other words for the first 6 months of this year all the 5 million school children in Malaysia broke school rules 59,000 times! 

Somehow I am sensing that something is not quite right.

I now ask all of you who are serving teachers and administrators to consider this; in a school of 1000 students ( I trust many of you are in schools with such numbers) how many students would be involve in say: absenteeism (ponteng); how many come late, how many run out of school before the last bell, how many would infringe school uniform rules, how many would be “fighting”/quarelling with their friends, how many would be rude to teachers….that is enough…how many cases per day combined? 1 case for 1000? 5 cases? 12 cases?

Well let us assume that there is 1 case for every 1000 students per day! If this is the case the teachers in Malaysia would be in 7th heaven…anyway just assume 1 case per day out of a thousand students. This is 0.1 % of the population. SO after 10 school days we would get 1% of the students causing some known mischief. OK?

Since we have a student population of about 5 million..1 % = 50,000 cases! This means that for every 10 days we would have 50,000 cases of children in trouble! Lets say that the total number of school days in the last 6 month is about 100 days. This means that there must be at least 10 x 50,000 = 500,000 cases..right?

So how can the figures be 59,000?????

Maybe the Deputy Minister would like to confirm that the number per day is less than 1 per thousand? Say 1 per 10,000? Even then you go do the maths! 

The disciplinary situation may have improved! What with the teachers getting higher salary etc. But surely the figures used has to be within the bounds of reason!  Some people are not getting the right data. Or are we all flying blind?

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