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I had mental block for the past six years and did not know how to get out! I kept on postponing and postponing.I was writing a business plan..I could have done a PhD in that time! SO now I postpone again and look for solutions to my mental block! And I come across this little saying….let me share it with you….a vision without a task is a dream….a task without a vision is drudgery…but a vision and a task is the hope of the world! Can I use this to unblock my mental block?

Tell you next time. Meanwhile hav you got some advise?

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HMs – Real Management V Show Management

Do HMs know what is really happening in the schools? Are things moving in the right direction?

A doctor would know how you are doing by taking your temperature and feeling your pulse. If you let him/her take your blood pressure..he/she will learn more. By the time you give him/her a blood and urine sample..he would be able to tell you what is wrong and prescribe something that would help you get well ..if you are sick.

DO HMs have all these pulse, temperature and blood sample stuff?

Well actually there are good indicators or markers of the state of the school! But unfortunately the administrators are not making proper use of them.

For example….school attendance, whether of Students or Teachers. If the school has full or close to 100% attendance by students..what can you say about how the school is run? If all the teachers are in school everyday…is the school well run? Try asking the Headmaster, the PPDs or the Pengarah this question…WHat is the average attendance of students in schools under your management? I have done so with HMs and also PPDs. The answer? No Idea! Well dont believe me just go ask your HM or PPD.

The HM can make a comparison of the attendance data for each student, class or whole school daily, weekly, monthly. Same for teacher attendance. Perhaps compare attendance before the current HM and the previous HM. A lot of people believed in sickness as a “natural” occurence. Question. How come all schools can achieve 100% attendance during examination days?

Maybe the PPDs and Pengarah can compare attendance patterns between schools,  types of schools or districts and the state. The question is..would attendance data be a good inicator of the health of the school?

Like the pulse, maybe educational administrators can start with that. Like the pulse this data can be easily measured.

If the Pengarah gets an invite to SPorts Day or some ceremony, he might get the impression that the school is well run..but take a look at the figures..just ask for it..

I can suggest other about you sir?

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